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Porsche Ultimate Experience

A dream come true:体验The legend and glamour of Porsche, Germany's iconic luxury sports car brand。The roadshow event in China was held to showcase Porsche's long racing history and future technologies, during which mg游戏 created all digital interactive applications, from virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic projection to gamification and audiovisual experience。

What is the Ultimate Porsche Experience

The Ultimate Porsche Experience is a roadshow to introduce The Porsche brand, current models and future innovations to Chinese visitors.。Mobile booths welcome guests into the display space and experience the charm of the German sports car brand in a variety of ways through a variety of digital applications。

The main focus of the event was Porsche's racing heritage, which is not all that ChineseconsumersIt is known as an important brand element, because Porsche is primarily seen as a luxury brand。The Ultimate Porsche Experience event also featured iconic models from the past, but they were rare and eye-opening because they had never made it to the Chinese market。

Porsche uses multiple brand storiesInnovative digital technologyPerform deductions, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, iBeacons and other audiovisual devices。

Our role in the project

Our role in this project is to create a complete set of roadshows based on the planning concept of lead event agent VOK DAMSDigital application

We developed a number of applications for people with different digital experience cognition to focus on the use, the exhibition period of 12 months, and in theBetween 20 cities Tour exhibition, therefore, requires the following specific functions and characteristics:

  • Intuitive interface without instructions (but still equipped with relevant operation guidance)。
  • Multimedia narrative context immerses users in a digital experience。
  • It is highly stable and can be clicked millions of times。
  • Portability, easy to pack, unpack and install。

But the most important innovation of the project is porsche's intention to use innovative technology to tell a brand story。Roadshow booth from13 different digital applicationsThey bring a new digital sensory experience to Chinese visitors。

We put one togetherAR augmented reality applicationsWhile walking around the Panamera wearing HoloLens, visitors can see the vehicle's selling points and features。We also created virtual reality experiences for vehicles, including watching VR videos, listening to engine sounds and vehicle interactions。

We are in amazingHolographic projectionPorsche's latest concept car, the Mission E, is presented here。In addition, visitors can swipe through historical landmarks and representative vehicles of Porsche, play racing games on the touch table, create their own racing posters and more...

However, the key app that ties all these experiences together is based on wechatCustomer Relationship Management System (CRM), each visitor will activate the application when entering the booth。The app tracks the experience path and rewards each visitor, while allowing Porsche to gain insight into its audience。

The key to harvest

Project style fits the theme: The fast paceHigh quality,。All digital applications were developed and deployed in just two months due to a highly collaborative and agile work style in which all participants were able to work closely and efficiently。

Finally, user data shows that this digital experience concept works, it engages peopleStop, interact and learn moreBrand and eventually sign up to test drive a Porsche。

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