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It is sure you like to speak in English, write in English and even dream in English. But you probably do not know if you don’t grasp English grammar you are sure to flop. English grammar is such a thing that is not hard, very flexible and though often scary is of great interest if the simple rules are assimilated quite well. What you need first is not to continue reading the ‘heavy weight’ English grammar day and night. You only have to follow some simple rules with great care and you are sure to hit the bull.

I think you may have been aware of the use of noun. It is one of the parts of the parts of speech. Without the use of noun, we can not name our ideas and dear ones or anything under the sun.. Collective nouns of which I am going to offer you a bit idea are nouns and if they are not used properly with much care may be confusing. You have to take care if the verbs are singular or plural and the particular collocation to suit the nouns perfectly.

Actually collective nouns hint at the group of things or people such as team, family, army, committee, group etc. Actually collective nouns can easily be used as ... Read more...