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Stay corrected the next time you speak wrong English! Okay, here’s how to proceed. First off, remember the thumb rule – Communication. The person who is keen to learn the nuances of the language should know that their writing should be correct grammatically.

Several word processing tools are equipped with programs for grammar correction, although since the rules governing the language are miscellaneous, there are actually a few programs that identify the grammatical errors. Moreover, if the program identifies the mistake, it cannot suggest solutions as that requires knowing about the intention of the author. Hence, it is best that the tool for grammar correction should not be automatic, but manual.

Practice reading aloud. Remember that the basis of any language is oral. Kids learn to speak before learning to read. This makes some people understand and identify errors in the language when heard, rather than when they are read. Reading makes the mind agile to pick up problems such as misspelled words, typographic errors, and spelling errors, quickly and effortlessly, which the consci... Read more...

The agreement of the verb with the subject happens to be one of the major ingredients in the understanding and learning of English grammar. It is nothing but the following of a few simple rules. The subject as well as verb of each clause should be in agreement with the number. However, despite the apparent simplicity of the rule, you will often come across people who get the subject and verb wrong in so many sentences. It is important to understand the basics of writing and reading English grammar.

If you are to write and speak the language properly, it is important to give the learner lots of options to practice the agreement of the verb with the subject. Make ensure that the activities that are given for practice are interactive and fun to learn. This will help them master the fundamentals and basics of the language.

Practice Interesting Exercises

Make sure about a Newspaper Search: Offer the learner with a newspaper and make sure that they choose a story which is of interest to them. The kids’ section of the newspapers is of interest to the persons or learners and these hav... Read more...

Irrespective of the language that you are trying to pick up, one thing to remember while you are in the learning process is that you should be interactive. Whether it is English, Spanish or French, speaking or writing the language will make sense when you follow the rues of the language. If you follow the rules of grammar, it will make you as a writer or speaker look professional. The best way to learn English is perhaps through worksheets and grammar exercises. This is the best way to pick the language up, something that reading English books or listening to CDs does not give you.

English is an intricate language and hence, its nuances may be a tad tough to get. The matter is perhaps true if you are an English native, but are not aware of the rules of the language. However, you need to understand the little details of the grammar and learn to apply the concrete written and spoken principles to each lesson that you learn. One of the best ways through which this can be done is through the interactive approach.

Communication is the Key

Practice makes Perfect: First of all, you sho...

Many people have a belief that when it comes to business communication it is not very important to maintain correct grammar. But that is not the truth. Even in business communication it is important that you use the right grammar at the right place. This is because the business communication which you send to your clients tells a lot about your educational background. If the communication which you make with the clients reveals that you do not have a proper educational background the chances are high that you will not be taken seriously. In the recent years the importance of written communication has increased with the emergence of e-mails and web pages. Thus it can be said that an organization which has employees who are expert in written communication has a competitive edge over other organizations.

In the first place you need to find out whether the correspondence which you make is error free. But spelling check and usage of correct grammar has become easier with the emergence of computers. But sometimes your writing might be such that it shows that you are really slack and disinterested. Never should you have such an appr... Read more...

It is common in people to strive to become better than what you actually are. Same is he case with good writers. Avoiding some simple mistakes will make you a better writer than you are today. In case you are a copy writer or an avid blog writer then you may not have to worry so much about grammar and its common mistakes. Here the way of writing is informal wherein the write up looks more like a conversation than an article. However when you are into serious writing like that of a book or writing content for any website or just a writer in newspaper writing; then each day you must strive to become a better writer.

Avoid Common Mistakes to become a Better Writer:

The following is a list of the most common mistakes that prevent you from becoming a better writer:

  • If you are a serious writer then you must know that the grammar used in speaking is different from that of writing. In general we speak in a language that is convenient to all and not in a language that is grammatically correct. In case you are transitioning from ... Read more...

If you want to write English you must have to learn the perfect use of the quotation marks. The sign goes thus—”———”. These marks are always used to enclose a saying of someone or something that is borrowed from somewhere else.

Generally quotation marks can be used when we quote someone word by word. We use the marks so that the words uttered by the man are kept intact. There is no change in the saying. There is no way to extort the saying of the speaker.

We can use the direct quotation marks when a sentence is already going on. Or the marks may be used from the very beginning when the speaker is saying something.

  • While discussing on the Romantic poets our teacher suddenly expressed,” Above all the Romantic period is the best period in the history of English Literature, I think.”
  • Our English teacher all on a sudden declared,” Romantic period is the best period in the history of English literature, I think.”

We can use the quotation...

Suppose you have been burdened with the work of marking up a document. What would you do then? I think you have no other way than to use the proofreader’s specific marks. Nowadays the use of proofreading on the hard copy is a rare mater, still if you have to do it for your own sake or to edit some writing of someone you have to be too cautious to use the marks in a very standard fashion.

It seems that if someone reads and you proofread it is beer for you. You may locate the mistakes when someone reads it aloud. Your eyes may miss the mistakes but your ears can never prove wrong. Generally the proofreader’s marks are used in publishing houses and the world of business.

When you proofread you must take care of some things that are available at hand:

*a pencil or a red pen

*the matter that you have to proofread

*the list where the marks are inscribed

Actually a pen with red ink or a pencil is necessary to highlight the wrongs on the white sheet of paper. In his way you can highlight the wrongs to the writer or the man who i... Read more...

If you want to write English quite perfectly, you have to know some usages that are mandatory to be learnt and if misused can make your writing nothing ‘but’ a mess. One of the words that often causes headache to the ESL writers is ‘But’. But may be used as a conjunction and a preposition and be easily placed before a sentence or in the middle of a sentence.

Let’s try to look into the matter of the perfect use of But. But, as a conjunction, is generally used to join the ideas that are absolutely contrasting. Now look at the sentences where the ideas are reflected.

v  The man is old but enjoys sound health

v  My father is honest , but not clever

v  The book is thin but packed with great ideas.

In all these sentences, the contrasting ideas are hinted at. For example, in the first sentence the man is old but he enjoys sound health that is not expected from an old man. Actually the contrasting idea is that an old man must not enjoy strong health. He must be fragile.

Now let̵...

If you have to do more writing either for your personal life, school or work, you might be interested in getting an English grammar software application. These English grammar software programs can instantly make the process of your writing simple. These software programs will go beyond the work done by the spelling checker already used by you. Apart from checking your grammar, the grammar checking software programs will check your spelling and they are compatible with word and text processing programs as well.

You might be thinking why you should get English grammar software. The answer to this question is that the grammar software several advantages and the reasons for getting these software programs are given below:

  1. It reads the sentences on the basis of the context:

In the case of spell checkers, they read only by single words for checking the spelling, but when it comes to grammar software programs, they read the whole sentence on the basis of the context. The meaning of this is that the software programs can understand the sentence in such a way that it will identify the ... Read more...