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One of the basic things that you need to know as a learner of the English language is that you should know the rules of grammar while at the same time improve your vocabulary. Vocabulary refers to the list of words that you should know in order to communicate with others in everyday life in English.

Grammar and vocabulary are therefore the twin major aspects of the language and you can learn them using traditional means or through ordinary easy methods. You need to study the rules, read books on miscellaneous topics in the language and pay attention to the instructions and signs on products of everyday use.

Look Up a Grammar Book: A grammar book will acquaint you with the rules of the language and increase your vocabulary. These books can be purchased online or from stores and explain the basic principles of formulation and construction of sentences, subject-verb agreement and help you with useful words which recur in the language.

By going through the rules continuously, you can use the grammar and vocabulary books for getting a basic understanding of the language and then apply the laws to eve... Read more...

English grammar is easy and you can easily form a correct sentence if you know the basic differences on what are they, how are they used and when are they used. Truly speaking, grammatically correct sentences sound more thoughtful than incorrect sentences.

What is article?

Articles are adjectives which are generally used to describe a noun. There are mainly two types of articles in English language. One is ‘the’ the other ‘a/an’

What is ‘The’ in English grammar?

In English grammar ‘The’ is called the definitive article. It is generally used to refer to a particular noun.

What is ‘A/An’ in English grammar?

In English grammar ‘A/An’ is called the in-definite article. In order to specify a non-specific and non-particular noun we generally use the term.

Lets know about the basic difference between the use of definite article ‘The’ and indefinite article ‘A/An’. Then we can understand what we mean by definite article and indefinite article.


It is important to construct sentences which are correct. In order to construct a correct sentence in English, we need to know the different aspects of constructing a sentence. If we know ‘what’, ‘how’ or ‘when’ a particular word should be used, it is easier.

What are determiners?

In English, determiners are words which are mostly used to:

  • Define a noun which can be a thing or a person
  • State the quantity or the amount of things or people
  • State the possessives
  • State specificity to a thing or a person
  • State how things or the person can be distributed
  • State, how one noun is different from the other nouns?
  • State whether something or someone is not specific

There are different types of determiners in English language. Each of those specific determiners is used by following few rules of grammar. The use of determiners mainly depends on the type of noun that we are trying to describe. The standard rule of using determiners is:

  • Singular nouns will need a determiner

It is very easy to teach a kid. For it is unaware of the complicacies of learning and just try to cram or follow what he listens or notices. It may be inattentive but he can be handled quite easily due to the softness of its mind and quick adaptability. It is like soft clay. You can mould it the manner you like. In a word it can be easily molded. It learns English through different manners. It is never an easy task but after all if the teacher has prefect zest for teaching he/she can do the uphill task.

Now when you target an adult to teach English you may have to follow a different method. You have to follow the method of preparation and repetition. The adults may fail again and again but you have to keep your calm. You may find some adults who though speak other language can pick up English quite efficiently. Others can not. They stumble while learning perfect English.

If it is your motto to feed the essential grammar to an adult learner you are living in the fool’s paradise. Actually grammar can never be a funny thing to an adult. You have to take other methods so that grammar, a bit by bit can be taught. Try ... Read more...

Many of you might be surprised to know that the meanings of the two words, “e.g” and “i.e” are different from one another. There are many people who use these two words interchangeably but in reality they cannot be used in each others place. Hence one should be careful about the use of these words. It is important to know the meanings of these words.

The word “e.g’ means “for example” and it originates from the Latin word “exempli gratia”. On the other hand the word “i.e” means “that is” and is derived from the Latin word “id est”.

There are some suggestions with the help of which you can remember the meaning of these words. The meaning of the word, “e.g” can be remembered as the word “example” starts with “e” so “e.g” means for example.

Understanding these terms and the structure of grammar in general may be more difficult for some than others even with suggestions and tips that may help them remember. If you’re an individual that wants to help consider taking classes in an online masters in education program so that you can make a difference.

As far ...

What is a Run-on Sentence?

A simple sentence is the best way to express your thoughts. In the event when you think that there is too much going on in your head and you need to express it somehow. Then create two simple sentences and join them by using a conjugation. A run-on sentence is something, which looses its actual meaning because of its length. If your thoughts are coming to you in a hurry and you must write them down then it is better to jot down the main points in bullets and then think slowly as how to construct a simple sentence put of these thoughts so that it makes sense.

How to Identify a Run-on Sentence?

Before you set about fixing a run-on sentence it is important that you identify one. Sometimes you can understand that there is a problem but cannot do anything to fix it. Further the inability to use proper of punctuation marks also adds to the meaning being convoluted. If you feel that the conjugation word is inappropriate or the meaning is not quite as expected. Then it is better to try and analyze the sentence a bit further. I... Read more...

What is a Grammar Addict?

Learning English language is very easy. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the grammar. Grammar of any language is very interesting to follow so much so that you may even end up becoming a grammar addict. Once you become confident about the usage of correct form of grammar in a sentence do not get obsessed with it. A severe form of grammar addict may end up making you alienated from most parts of your friends as well as other people. The reason for this that you become impossible to talk to, if you keep finding grammar mistakes in whatever the other person says.

Becoming a Grammar Addict: A Good Hobby:

In order to become well versed in any language you must know about that language’s grammar in details. A proper kind of grammar book will help you in achieving the same. Becoming a grammar addict might not always be a frightful scenario. It is matter of great achievement when you are able to spot out small differences in the figures of speech or in the tense of the verb used. It is one of the be... Read more...

Learning to use an asterisk is an important part of the English language grammar. There are mainly two types of sentences in English grammar: a simple sentence and a complex one. Long sentences tend to confuse you. However don’t be under the impression that only short sentences are good. A too short sentence also fails to convey the meaning properly. A very small sentence no longer remains a sentence it becomes a sentence fragment. The opposite of this is a sentence which contains a number of ideas but fails to convey any of them correctly to the reader.

Why use an Asterisk?

Before learning how to use an asterisk you must know why to use it. The word has been derived from the Latin word “Aster” to mean little star. Thus the sign of a star is used to denote an asterisk. When the writer wants to provide some more information regarding something then they use an Asterisk on the topic and later explain the matter below in the page.

Learn to use an asterisk in the correct manner:

Almost every one of us is familiar with the asterisk that ... Read more...

If you want to dip delve into the vast grammatical pool you must take it for certain that you must know the Parts of Speech quite well along with their definitions, functions and their appropriateness in the English grammar. Now it is Adverb that you have to know for Adverb is such kind of Parts of Speech that has the power to modify all its other counterparts save the noun. You may not find the use of Adverb in other languages. But in the English language its use is mandatory and to a large extent important.

Perhaps you have the basic idea that an Adverb generally ends with ‘ly’ that is a suffix. There is root word, generally an adjective that the Adverb modifies. But there are instances too where you may find that only ‘ly’ in the ending does not denote an Adverb. Though in the very beginning I have mentioned that Adverb generally despises noun it sometimes takes the help of a noun to form contrary. The words are the suffixes -ways and – wise.

The first thing that may haunt you is the thought that it is the Verb that is modified generally by an Adverb. The first reason lies in the name Adverb that an ob... Read more...

If you want to write English in a perfect manner you have to master the grammar of English language. Unless you have no depth in the English grammar quite efficiently you are not to obtain the power of writing English in a lucid manner.

Whether you are a native or a foreigner the first thing you have to note is to go through the basics of English grammar. The natives have the facility to read the language in their own language but if you are an ESL you have to devote enough time to learn how to master the art of writing flair.

Again you try to express something through your writing you must note that the writing is perfect and without any error. Your sole aim is to reciprocate your ideas in an effective manner so that the others who go though the writing must face no problem to comprehend it.

If you are willing to write on the web you have to take it in mind that the global readers are there to connoisseur   your writing. If they fail to dip delve into your writing you are sure to taste the bitterness of failure and can never be acclaimed in the long run. Some basic ideas of grammar is there to be assimilated ... Read more...