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Teaching Grammar to kids can be a daunting task altogether because the understanding level of the lids are not as matured as adult individuals. In that case it is recommended that you should devise of ways of teaching which can be easily understood by the children. The learning of grammar should be a fun exercise for the kids. There can be innumerable ways to teach children grammar with the help of songs, poems, stories and a lot more. You just need to find out which way is most appealing to your kids.

Grammar includes a lot of important things like time, frequency, regular and irregular verbs. Unless you have proper knowledge about all these it is not easy to write grammatically correct sentences. But if you are an English teacher for children you can do it with ease. You can actually read out a number of texts about vacations, hobby or daily activities. You just need to pay attention that the texts contain ample mention of time, frequency, regular and irregular verbs.

In fact learning of grammar can be an interesting exercise for children if they are taught in a pleasant manner. The concept of tenses can be introduce... Read more...

One of the basic things that you need to know as a learner of the English language is that you should know the rules of grammar while at the same time improve your vocabulary. Vocabulary refers to the list of words that you should know in order to communicate with others in everyday life in English.

Grammar and vocabulary are therefore the twin major aspects of the language and you can learn them using traditional means or through ordinary easy methods. You need to study the rules, read books on miscellaneous topics in the language and pay attention to the instructions and signs on products of everyday use.

Look Up a Grammar Book: A grammar book will acquaint you with the rules of the language and increase your vocabulary. These books can be purchased online or from stores and explain the basic principles of formulation and construction of sentences, subject-verb agreement and help you with useful words which recur in the language.

By going through the rules continuously, you can use the grammar and vocabulary books for getting a basic understanding of the language and then apply the laws to eve... Read more...

If you want to be a pro at English grammar, you need to have basic grammatical skills. Instead of just being important for the examinations that test the subject, grammatical skills are also relevant in the way you communicate to others. In fact, spellings are more important for written tests and evaluations. If you are into a job that requires business writing to be done, you should be specific about the cases that require using words like ‘allot’, ‘a lot’ and ‘a lot’.

For instance you are typing a paper, and you write the word ‘alot’. There is a little red line that appears, but you are clueless about whether you should choose ‘a lot’ or ‘allot’.


This is a word that means ‘to divide’, ‘accord’, ‘administer’, ‘dispense’, ‘distribute’ or ‘give out’. Here’s an example of using the word in a sentence: “They allotted six square feet space per family”. You must have guessed by now that the word ‘allot’ is used to refer to divide, apportion or grant something. “The raffle tickets were allotted to the class”.

‘A...

There are certain basic differences between different words that we use as parts of the sentence. With a proper knowledge we would know the difference on how to use them. We have to follow correct grammar in order for the sentence to sound distinct and right.

‘That’ and ‘Which’ are both relative clauses. Both these two relative clauses are used to refer to things as well as persons.

What is relative clause?

Relative clause is one which is used to give some additional information about the noun that we want to describe. The noun can be a person as well as a thing. There is a subtle difference between how these two relative clauses and how they are used in the sentence to describe different things and persons.

In grammar there is a term used frequently by grammarians called ‘restrictive’ and ‘non-restrictive’.

Restrictive Clause

‘Restrictive’ clause is one which identifies the exact word which is modifying and it does not require the use of any commas.


‘Non-restrictive’ clause on the other ...

When constructing a sentence for the listener to understand, it has to be proper and also grammatically correct. Grammar is very important for a profound reflection of any thought which is better for a reader or a listener.

In English grammar, you have to know about how you want to put the word into the sentence for a correct construction. In order to construct a sentence correctly you have to know how to use the word and when to use the word. ‘Some’ and ‘Any’ are quantifiers.

When do we use ‘Some’ and ‘Any’?

We use ‘Some’ and ‘Any’ when we do not know the amount or the quantity of something.

Example of Use of ‘Some’ and ‘Any’

  • I saw 7 deer when I moved deep into the jungle with my fellow travelers.

Here we know the number of deer that we saw when we were moving into the jungle. So we do not use ‘Some’ or ‘Any’.

  • I saw some deer when I moved into the jungle with my fellow travelers.

Here we do not know the number of deer that we saw when we moved... Read more...

Many people have a belief that when it comes to business communication it is not very important to maintain correct grammar. But that is not the truth. Even in business communication it is important that you use the right grammar at the right place. This is because the business communication which you send to your clients tells a lot about your educational background. If the communication which you make with the clients reveals that you do not have a proper educational background the chances are high that you will not be taken seriously. In the recent years the importance of written communication has increased with the emergence of e-mails and web pages. Thus it can be said that an organization which has employees who are expert in written communication has a competitive edge over other organizations.

In the first place you need to find out whether the correspondence which you make is error free. But spelling check and usage of correct grammar has become easier with the emergence of computers. But sometimes your writing might be such that it shows that you are really slack and disinterested. Never should you have such an appr... Read more...

Nowadays, many people wish to learn English due to the developing importance of the language all over the world. But, while learning English many people tend to make certain mistakes and top 5 mistakes done by most of the English learners are given below:

  1. Too much focus on grammar:

This is the main mistake done by most of the learners. According to researchers, grammar study tends to affect the English speaking ability of an individual. This is because the grammar of this language is too complex to remember and it is also difficult to use the grammar logically. When it comes to conversation, the learner cannot remember thousands of rules in grammar and choose the perfect one and use them. Researchers say that left brain cannot do that logically. So, if you focus more on grammar when you are learning to communicate in English, you will not be able to learn.

But, this mistake can be rectified by listening to a lot of correct grammar and by doing this; the brain will automatically and gradually learn the usage of grammar perfectly.

  1. Forcing speech: