The project manager

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The project manager

The project manager is the key to the smooth implementation of the project. He needs to coordinate and manage the process and phased output of multiple projects in parallel。At the same time, coordinate the output quality of project members and external suppliers to submit results, so as to promote the smooth delivery of the project and maintain good, stable and long-term customer relations。

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Job requirements
  • Project requirement analysis
  • Make and update the project plan
  • Agile and waterfall flow pattern management
  • Coordinate internal and external resources management
  • The project budget&Credit management
  • Supplier/outsourcing resource management
  • Communication skills and communication skills are what we focus on

We need you

I am a person engaged in Internet digital industry, who will be responsible for the management of project process formulation, implementation and development process。项目会涉及到数字平台,如官网,小程序;也会涵盖线下数字体验互动项目的开发。 You will manage customer relationship and project expectation, project plan and phased output, team output quality and budget matching, and finally complete project payment collection within the plan。You will lead our interdisciplinary professional digital team of UX/UI designers, content developers and programmers working together to deliver outstanding digital products, platforms and experiences。

Your ability to
  • Ability to communicate
  • Empathy and social skills
  • At least 3 years project management experience
  • Analytical thinking
  • Fluent in Chinese, English is preferred
  • Understand Internet platform technology and user experience
  • Agile development experience is a plus

Your team, Your career

You will learn about digital transformation, business innovation, technology, manufacturing processes and user experience design。

Our open working environment offers many advantages: you will meet, share knowledge and grow with professionals in your field。In addition, we support various training programs, international exchanges and individual creative ideas。

Every employee's development is crucial. For this reason, we create a professional environment based on the four pillars of enterprise development to help employees become outstanding professionals。

Personal Growth plan

Enterprise goals and personal goals fit together, enterprise and employees work together to achieve the goals。

Learning and Certification

To benefit from internal and external educational services and gain accreditation while building achievements。

Trust and Responsibility

Take on more responsibilities when you are ready and grow from an employee to a leader who can take charge。

Performance rewards

Benefit from the success of the business。We will record and reward employees for their performance。

Personal Growth Plan

Align your personal goals with those of the company and make us achieving them together.

Learn & Get Certified

Benefit from our internal and external educational offers and get certified for your achievements.

Trust & Responsibility

Get entrusted with more responsibility once you are ready. Evolve from a member into a leader.

Performance Reward

Benefit from the company's success. Your performance is tracked and rewarded.

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