Words ending in ‘ar’, ‘er’, ‘or’, ‘our’,‘re’, ‘ure’, ‘ur’

The words which end with ‘ar’, ‘er’, ‘or’, ‘our’, ‘re’, ‘ure’, ‘ur’ are generally confusing because they have more or less similar pronunciation. And due to this often people tend to make mistakes in the spellings of these words. It might become difficult to decide which to use. In order to avoid any kind of mistakes it is important that you have a clear idea about these words. In order to develop a better idea you can just have a look at some of these words ending with ‘ar’, ‘er’, ‘or’, ‘our’, ‘re’, ‘ure’, ‘ur’. Taking cue from these words you should be in a position which is the right kind of ending for each of the word.

There are certain words which end with “ar” but you may tend to confuse these words ending with “er”. There are some common words even with which we tend to make mistakes. Some of the common words which end with “ar” are as follows: pillar, calendar, vicar, scholar, particular, pedlar, beggar, grammar, similar, solar, altar, circular and a lot more. Many of the times you must have experienced that some of your friends spell the word “grammar” as “grammer”. In this case it is advised that if you pronounce properly you will not make a mistake. The words which end with “ar” are pronounced with an open mouth.

On the other hand words which end with “er” like miner, traveller, saddler and conjurer are pronounced with a mouth not as wide open. Thus the most important thing is that you need to be a little careful with the pronunciation. Some of the other words which end with “er” are robber, leather, cobbler and a lot more.

The next confusion which comes about while you use words in English are the ones which end in “or” or “our. In this case also you may replace the “or” with the “our”. Some examples of the words ending with “or” are minor, inventor, debtor, surveyor, doctor. On the other hand words ending with “our” are as follows: endeavour, hour, vigour, valour and rigour etc. if you look carefully you will see that most of the abstract nouns end with “our”

Even in these cases there are subtle differences in the pronunciation. That is it can be said in the words which end with “our” there is a twist of the tongue and in case of words which end with “or’ there is no twisting of the tongue. The pronunciation is easier in case of these words.

Again people may be confused to a large extent with words which end with “re”, “ure” or “ur”. Some of the examples of words ending with “re” are centre, massacre, theatre, metre etc. Words those end with “ure” are leisure, signature, agriculture etc. similarly the words which end with “ur” are as follows murmur, sulphur, augur and many others.

Even in case of these words the pronunciation plays a vital role. It is an important thing which you should remember is that if you pronounce properly there is hardly any chance of making a mistake in their spellings.

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