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How will SAIC respond to the rapid rise of new energy vehicles, the rapid development of digitization and changes in consumer behavior?

Under the premise of considering the interactive experience of real cars, SAIC reconstructed the experience store through data-driven "user, product and scene", taking it as a benchmark for the transformation of future offline stores。 And constantly optimize and iterative digital exhibition hall, saic new retail innovation, promote saic digital transformation and upgrade。

The three cores of SAIC Roewe Intelligent Plaza

Saic roewe intelligent plaza is located in bustling downtown Shanghai xintiandi。"Roewe Smart Square" is an important layout of SAIC's new retail. It is the focus of digitally-driven innovation and the direction of 4S stores' iterative upgrading in the future。Through the cooperation with mg游戏, SAIC has implemented the three core smart stores。

Achieve interactive experience:

Offline showrooms are indispensable nodes for experience, enhancing users' awareness of brands and products through real cars and test drives, supplemented by diversified digital device interactions。

Reconstructs the flow:

The diversified innovation of digital exhibition hall promotes the transformation of online traffic, realizes the opening and identification of offline and online user data, forms full-channel coverage, user flow reconstruction, behavior reconstruction, and offline new user flow exceeds that of traditional 4S stores。

Provide intelligent services:


Saic Roewe Intelligent Plaza is a new generation of SAIC auto retail digital exhibition hall, which aims at transforming brand recognition, enhancing experience and improving exhibition hall efficiency. It takes digital technology as the method to drive the reconstruction of people, field and objects。Its core interactive platform consists of digital visa, five major interactive projects and iPad smart assistant。

Digital Visa:

Motivate users to try to complete preset digital experiences and obtain user authentication information and other user interaction data。

Exhibition Hall Interactive Projects:

Digital exhibition hall the interactive experience of project, the user can create brands and products by participating in these projects, the exhibition hall can be data and obtain the corresponding user interaction。

IPad Smart Assistant:

Targeted digital interaction to achieve in-depth digital experience of models and selling points and intelligent sales support services

The project story

We are responsible for the planning and development of digital visa and iPad intelligent assistant in SAIC Roewe Showroom project。Help customers to implement the core concept of the new retail digital exhibition hall, establish the exhibition hall data center system and digital experience operation strategy, and realize data-driven。

Digital visa

In the form of wechat mini program, the exhibition hall experience path guidance and the link function of the whole exhibition hall interactive project are realized。From the early stage, we participated in planning the user path and functions of small programs, interactive interface design, as well as the development and testing of small programs and data background。The user data obtained by the mini program is also synchronously integrated and connected to the SAIC customer database。

By applet,Users can complete the registration and certification of user's identity,Leave basic user information,也可浏览体验项目的介绍和引导后依次体验;用户可以解锁互动项目并在完成体验后获取勋章激励,保存和分享互动照片和视频;收集到规定数量的勋章后,Users can get membership bonus points,Also for Roewe APP to achieve drainage for the exchange of peripheral goods or services。At this time, the data center has also synchronously tracked and recorded user characteristics, vehicle focus, experience interaction data, users' comments on the exhibition hall and other information, which lays a foundation for subsequent data empowerment, sales transformation and exhibition hall operation optimization。

IPad Smart Assistant

In view of the current car sales scene experience obstacles optimization and multimedia attempts。传统的汽车销售仅以实车为核心进行讲解,体验单一缺少互动;iPad仅用来展示车辆介绍图文和视频。We start from the existing situation to find solutions, combined with the latest AR technology, games and other forms to build multidimensional immersive interaction, increase user engagement, experience and comfort。

AR car

Through AR demonstration animation and human voice explanation, users can have in-depth interaction with the show car。The original technical functions and principles that are difficult for sales staff to express through language, which are too professional and cannot be shown by static cars, can be understood by users through AR dynamic demonstration。Users can also experience the AR navigation function of the dashboard after the vehicle is moving through 3D game simulation。

At the same time, the data browsing by users is also synchronized to the digital visa data background。So that the follow-up analysis of the user preferences。

Other features

Fun photo shoot:After the AR viewing experience, users will take photos with the display cars to promote online sharing and communication。

Financial Calculator, test drive application, Vehicle introduction:Sales tools to help sales staff introduce brand recognition, model parameters, product comparison and purchase plan to customers more comprehensively。

Project harvest

Through roewe Intelligent Plaza, SAIC has gradually established its own digital experience construction standards, and has become a model of the new retail model in China's automotive industry。The concept of digital exhibition hall not only provides a variety of ways to participate in the experience, but also helps users plan their own exhibition hall browsing path and actively participate in every interactive project。At the same time, it creates an additional digital asset for brands -- a multi-dimensional portrait of their users。 Saic chose mg游戏 as its partner not just because 其战略思维提供了全面的数字体验运营策略,实现数据驱动;更因其自身的内部实力和资源帮助上汽全方位实施从用户体验、到技术实施与建立数据中台系统的数字化项目。 In just three months, mg游戏 completed the showroom strategic planning and related application design and development。

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