The next level of retail is mercedes-benz G-Box


The appearance and design of G-box integrates exquisite technology and technology. It immerges consumers in the virtual and real pleasure of car shopping in a highly personalized and multi-sensory interactive way。


G-box won the award for best Use of Digital Media Technology in 2022。For us and Mercedes-Benz China, we are very excited and honored to receive this award。
2022 Digital Media Award for Best Use of Technology: Gold

Time flies, but the legend remains

The G-Class off-road vehicle is one of the longest-running in automotive history: the Gelandewagen, a distinctive design developed in Austria, has been exported worldwide by Mercedes-Benz for more than 40 years。The first impression of the G-class suv must be its boxy, hard and chunky shape。In addition to its unique exterior, it also has a luxurious and technological interior and accessories。

Mercedes-benz is redefining the retail approach of G-class OFF-road vehicles in The Chinese market as consumers increasingly pursue personalized and customized market shifts。

When talking about Mercedes-Benz's sales strategy for China, Ralf Eisenreich, head of Sales Management for G-Class OFF-road Vehicles in China, said:"Personalised production of G Manufaktur is a key part of our luxury strategy, offering over one million combinations of premium interior fabrics, colours and components。”

What is the G - Box?

Whether it's in retail showrooms, flash MOBS or trade show events, the G-box attracts enough attention。Its existence can turn any place into a sales scene, and its own roller design makes it easy to move, which undoubtedly brings great potential to sales。

The 360° panoramic vehicle with central screen content displays the ultra-high performance of the G-Class OFF-road vehicle in native 4K resolution on a 65-inch touchscreen using virtual Engine 4 technology, reflecting Mercedes-Benz's ultimate pursuit of high quality。

The user can place the car paint color model, wheel hub model and seat model in the RFID scanning area, and the corresponding central screen will immediately display the configuration items placed by the user in the RFID area to match the appearance of the real vehicle, so as to realize the integration of virtual and reality through interaction with the screen。

Hendrik Niedenthal, mg游戏 Shanghai Project Leader:"Our goal is to combine the core of a multi-sensory user experience with ultra-high quality visual presentation to provide a groundbreaking and leading new way for users to buy a car。”

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The usage scenario of G-Box is dominated by sales, and customers can freely and intuitively explore the vehicle and all its configurations under the guidance of sales personnel。

So the mg游戏 UX team was thinking about how to get users up and running so they can interact without any help。For the larger screen, the UX team continued the use of everyday gestures such as swiping, dragging, and clicking, allowing users to interact as smoothly as they would on a mobile phone。By tapping the screen, the user can rotate the vehicle 360 degrees freely. Whether it is in the moment of dawn to the neon lights of the city at night, or in the factory and natural background, the user can feel the surprise and touch brought to them by the g-class。When users click the button to open the door and window, they will experience the luxury and warmth after the opening of various interior atmosphere lights, as well as the speed and passion brought by the rotation of different sizes of wheels, all of which will create a good human-computer interaction experience for users。

In terms of vehicle options, the G-Box includes all the configuration options currently available to Chinese consumers。Users can create configuration vehicles, compare vehicles, and finally save the satisfied one to the SMALL program of G-box by scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code。Users can share with their friends on the wechat platform and download pictures of their own vehicles。

Multisensory experience

G-box is best characterized by its multi-sensory interactive experience, which combines digital content with objects that users can touch。LED lights on both sides of the screen not only immerse the user in the state when the car atmosphere light is on, but also guide the user's configuration options to match and accuracy of the current car model。If the current user selects a car that matches any of the trim colors, wheels and seat stitching, the corresponding LED lights up, the user picks up his favorite accessory and places it in the RFID area, and a 3D image of the configured vehicle appears on the screen。

Zhang Xue, a G-Class personalized consultant, mentioned when talking about the application prospect of multi-sensory interactive experience for potential consumers:"G-box gives consumers a very special shopping experience。They can see the fine paint colors, feel the high-quality interior leather and well-made wheels, and feel the surprise of various 'manufaktur'。In the future, G-Box will bring the gene of "Build your own G" to more Chinese consumers。”

In addition, the G-Box offers a different kind of aural experience, from the retro-textured metal door sound to the powerful roar of the Mercedes-AMG G63 advanced V8 engine, with audio pulses adding another flavor to the overall experience。The user's immersive, intuitive feeling makes the G-class SUV stand out。

Customer - centered retail

The birth of G-box not only marks the transformation of automobile retailing in The Chinese market, but also influences other market trends。

As consumers' expectations for personalization and customization continue to rise, this combination of digital technology and physical sense of retail will be a major trend in the future。In any situation, they can interact with the goods in real time and touch them. This kind of shopping experience will bring consumers unprecedented new experience of buying cars。

The technology and data-driven G-Box integrates each user-created G-class into a local market production cycle via a built-in Order (BTO), while implementing OTA technology for real-time monitoring and updating。

It is believed that in the future, G-box will play an increasingly important role in dealers or any other retail scene. It will show g-class personalized configuration in front of the public in a perceptual and unique way, and bring new consumption experience to consumers。

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G-box furniture concept and design from AnySCALE (Shanghai), G-box construction by U-Team (Shanghai) completed