Re-create a small city

User survey ECOSYSTEM The product design
Does the integration of a brand and the Internet come from the external user's drive for the product, or the internal system's requirements for the product?

The answer is:The result of bidirectional extrusion

Since 2014, the role of Haier's official website has changed significantly -- it is not only a tool for brand publicity and service, but more like an open small ecosystem。We metThree important changes

As the demands and problems from all sides come flooding in, we all realize that a new spring has come to the old city。

No matter how complex a project is, as long asStep by step you get to the root

The biggest challenge of the project is that the team is faced with a task without a clear goal, so they don't know what to do。

Between the first day of the no harvest, the second day we changed a new train of thought:Avoid details and agree on the process of solving the problem first"And focus on current known problems。First, focus on the problem at hand。Based on more than 5 years of cooperation experience with Haier, we focused and classified the questions, designed questionnaires for distribution, and conducted in-depth interviews according to the feedback of questionnaires。Then, comb through the information to find correlations and breakthrough points。Organize according to different dimensions, establish a comprehensive ecological model, and give a new plan according to the breakpoints existing in the model。

Interview specificRapid iterative testing

We're using a new approach this time。Interviews do not pursue quantity, each time a specific focus on one business experienced business personnel to point out key issues for us。

After each interview, we will immediately sort out and summarize, and the key contents will be further classified and reviewed for discussion, and the outline of the next interview will be fine-tuned。

This iterative verification process allowed us to gradually establish the platform's main direction from the original vague definition in a very short period of time。

Guide users to ridicule, found the problem

Wanted to create something completely new,Ask your users and they won't get a good answer,But if you ask him what's wrong with him,相信接下来的一个小时都不会停下来!这是一个永远无法避免的问题,Don't try to interrupt them or explain anything,Instead, try to guide the user to explain why he or she is having this problem。

We also encountered the same problem, and soon adjusted our interview strategy. We started with teasing on existing platforms, gradually grasped important information, dug deeper, and guided users to tell the final truth。

With a piece ofAn allegorical picture"Rather than structure

After some research, the basic elements of the city are there: houses, characters, gardens, amusement parks......What we need to do next is to plan the functional areas and build roads and Bridges。

  • For haier, classifies the existing station group and platform, and positioning
  • Sort through the hierarchy of requirements

For haier, classifies the existing station group and platform, and positioning

The primary task is to classify and position the existing site groups and platforms of Haier,Sustainable development of an enterprise,The most important thing is not how many touch points you have with your users,It's a brain with a central command,After the data finishes interacting on other platforms,Ideally, you should return to the data center for precipitation and reuse。So we put forward the website at the bottom"Core transport hub"The main task of brand and content composition, distribution and precipitation。

Sort through the hierarchy of requirements

Having established our position, we beginSort through the hierarchy of requirements: User roles, demand pain points, organizational structure, content ownership, operational requirements, internal data......When we finished sorting and stacking the content, it turned into a structure diagram that the customer could hardly understand。

Draw a picture that can see trends and directions, and canDiagrams that are easy to readIt's another challenge for us。So we made a lot of attempts to simplify the information and present the content, and it wasn't until version 17 that everyone agreed。

De-centered scenarioization

In 2014, in the process of promoting the project, we have already felt the trend of decentralization of entrance. From the diversification of equipment to the diversification of interaction areas, the speed of targeted development has begun to keep pace with the change of user contact points。For example, a brand at the beginning of the brand official website entrance, and then into e-commerce, and then wechat, community and other interactive platforms to build, intelligent products are to make the entrance become diverse, even the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code is a door。Platforms and devices become the second rung, and the first rung is whether you can read the user's state by clues and give the right content match。

Let me give you a very small example

Similarly, the QR code attached to the washing machine should be scanned for the first time by beginners using TIPS and product registration. In summer, it may indicate the cleaning instructions for silk clothes, and scanning again six months later may indicate the cleaning and maintenance contents。

The ideal state of the future

Content is supported with data and lifecycle, matching scenarios through portals。This requires that content be filtered and clear at the bottom, and can be put together like building blocks。Build user profiles and context descriptions so that no matter who goes through what portal, they can see the right content。

Strategy to the ground

Planning is only the first step, how to land is the bigger challenge。Based on the overall situation, mg游戏 helped Haier come up withThere are three main directions for reform

  • Supports enterprise internal user operations
  • Strengthen user-centered ecological construction
  • Layout mobile terminal scenario-based experience

Supports enterprise internal user operations

To meet the increasing needs of differentiated operation of the product line, the flexible module structure of the platform can be configured。Open API, establish internal resource use platform。

Strengthen user-centered ecological construction

From mobile to PC, it integrates purchase, service, communication, rights and interests, points and other contents from the perspective of users to comprehensively improve the smoothness and convenience of service experience in the whole process, including user system reconstruction, data and content cleaning mechanism, and scene application。

Layout mobile terminal scenario-based experience

Unicom offline service, purchase business, for intelligent product layout, split modules and applications for a diversified seamless combination。


In fact, the goal of enterprise products is very clear, such as improving efficiency or reducing cost. Although we fully consider the scalability and adaptability of products in early planning, many good functions are often not used after a period of operation。The reasons are usually divided into several categories: