Anheuser-busch inbev

Reload the revolution!


Anheuser-busch InBev, one of the leading multinational beverage and brewing manufacturers, invited mg游戏 to redesign its KTV interactive table。This demand was made after the first generation product was launched and user response did not meet expectations。

Project introduction

As we worked with ANheuser-Busch InBev on multiple projects, we were invited by startup to build a smart table in KTV boxes。After several meetings, I gradually learned that the first version had been launched a few months ago, but the effect was far from the expected, and there was also an impasse in which a breakthrough could not be found。

This time, Budweiser hopes that we can carry out a comprehensive investigation and summary of the previous generation of products, and give the second generation of product planning。More importantly, every conclusion used in the design of the second-generation table requires rigorous testing and rigorous derivation。Soon, we organized and distributed questionnaires, conducted 21 surveys and individual one-on-one interviews in KTV in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and finally proposed a subversive concept and brand new product positioning。

A point, lead out a world

What role does this table play?

We get fewer valid needs, more questions and confusion。This is an innovative model without market precedent, which needs to be explored and verified by ourselves。After several rounds of discussion, it was agreed that the project could be understood as a small ecology。

The core players are the consumers and the table, but around the whole ecosystem there are ALSO KTVS, developers, and salespeople, who are also an important part of the table experience。In order to get a more comprehensive conclusion, the research scope is further expanded to include the overall environment of the room, service personnel and service process, KTV owners, as well as the involvement of the system and game developers。

Different angles, different answers

KTV老板关注桌子能给业绩带来多少提升;普通用户对于桌子表示出兴趣,却觉得与一般桌子并无差异;服务员的流动性大,新人对于桌子的不了解带来了更多的抵触情绪;开发者希望快速接入而不是重做;桌子的创造者百威自己也期待着桌子能够提升啤酒的销量。The chain of interest is closely linked, and the core link is the user's attitude towards the table, availability, usability, or expected trial。

Data can only reflect phenomena, not facts

If you want to find the core breakthrough point of the table, you need to dig deep into user needs。After investigation, we saw many strange phenomena in the data, such as:

During the survey, only 50-60% of users felt the need to order songs and food, and 70-80% of users were interested in playing games。However, when it comes to on-site observation and research, the number of people who choose to play games plummets, and the demand for ordering food and songs rises to 90%。

Why the opposite??User is straightforward to show their feedback, but also easily influenced by the environment and make a different decision。In fact, the real demand is not "ordering", but can "more quickly complete the ordering process", the key point is whether the system can improve the ordering efficiency。Games, on the other hand, are new and interesting to most users when they hear the game, but after playing the built-in game, they are not able to satisfy most users' tastes. The key to this need is whether the game design fits the current situation。

So, at the same time, the analysis of the data we need to see the truth behind the data into the situation。Round after the investigation, we make basic predictions according to the results, set in the second round survey questionnaire and demo two modes, dual authentication for the anticipation, finally finished for data extraction and cleaning work。

Starting from the scene, the segmentation of user roles and needs

Data results show that usually KTV singing small groups include 20% mai Ba, 60% interactive masses, 20% xiaotransparent, and a special kind of users: selfie-lovers。Different roles determine that their needs vary a lot. We list all the needs, mark pain points, classify types, assess priorities, and finally organize a list of needs to expand solutions。

We draw a simple Typical Journey, search for possible Touch points in the whole process based on the journey and survey results, mark keywords that can most affect user experience, and define and rank functions based on keywords。

Look for real value in your product

This is an innovative product and there should be boundaries?

We repeatedly discussed the definition of the table, from small goals to large directions, from crowd positioning to demand summary, and constantly overturned the previous conclusion in doubt。In the end, everyone agreed that the upgrade of the table intelligent function for KTV does not really "pain point" existence, in other words, a table can order food is not necessary value point。

So, what is the key point that can help KTV improve?Is song quantity, quality, room environment, simply put, is the experience of singing。The original first version of the product was designed to create "new experiences," but that experience was only "functional experiences," not "singing experiences."。In the case of "I am a Singer," the atmosphere of the show will be lowered if there is no lighting and choreography except singers and songs。

Eventually we decided to redefine what the "new experience" of the table was: not intelligence, but making the karaoke experience more fun。

Subverts the traditional KTV sing one form, but to make the environment, song, singer, a collision occurs between friends, will be as a control terminal, the table with a projector, lights, and even more external devices to form strong interactive environment, create the atmosphere of a stage type。From focusing on singing and helping sing to enjoying the whole experience of singing。

Turn an idea into an MVP (Minimum viable Product)

With positioning, being the first MVP was quickly defined: small enough to keep up the pace of development and iteration, with interesting conceptual design to enhance the product's appeal, usable, and complete experience。

Finally, we selected four functions from the multi-functions to focus on building and design, and put the rest energy into hardware research and development and software improvement to avoid the hard damage caused by the lag, and developed a complete Loop plan。

This is a bold attempt and subversion. The key to innovative products is not the function, but the definition of core concepts. To overlook the role of products in the environment from a higher perspective will help us expand our thinking and think more comprehensively。